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Frequently Asked Questions


Why my business listing is not visible?

We check each and every listing added to avoid spam or false information. So it takes approx. 24hrs to get your listing visible.

What benefits are available to listing members?

1. Detailed description about your product / services / business
2. Contact form to reach out to business owners
3. Map based view

Can I change my business description?

Yes, you can change the description any time.

How do I remove my business listing?

Email your business name along with your login details (username and password) with UNSUBSCRIBE written in subject line of the email. We will remove your listing within 48 hours.

How do I provide a feedback or complain?

We always believe in customers Satisfaction. If you find any errors or mistake on our side please email us providing as much information as possible. We will act on your query as soon as possible and respond to you within 48 hours.